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Four weeks into our Top Tips on a Tuesday and we are loving answering all of your interior dilemmas. Last week we spoke about colour schemes, curtains, and maximising light in dark spaces.

Each week we open our inbox and welcome your interior questions. Sara will choose three questions to answer every Tuesday.

Question 1 | How do I choose paint colours for a new home?

The first thing here is to decide what style is for you, to keep it simple lets split this into 2 categories – classic or contemporary. The classic approach is to go white on your woodwork, your skirtings, doors, and radiator covers, and white on the ceiling. Then choose a colour for your walls. The white acts as a framework for the colour you have chosen.  For the more adventurous out there you can invert the classic approach and go darker on the woodwork and lighter on the walls. If you are trying to create an uber contemporary effect, you could also paint the same colour on the woodwork, walls and ceiling, this gives a very seamless look. If you are unsure about which colours to choose, my recommendation is find images of rooms that you like for inspiration first, then head to you local paint suppler and buy sample pots. This is an investment but can really give you a steer. I would paint up samples onto at least 2 walls (as large as you can)  this will give you a sense of how the colour will work in different lights and areas in a room, especially open plan. Various paint companies also have some handy recommendations for complementary colours Curator by Colourtrend for one, as does Farrow and Ball.

Question 2 | Should you match dining chairs and bar stools in an open plan space?

For me to go exactly the same would be too matchy matchy. But I would choose maybe the same frame finish, so for example the same metal or timber, and match that or I would do different frames and match the fabrics. This will create harmony within your interior with out it feeling too ‘put together’.

Question 3 | Rugs, how do I choose the right size??

So for me, your furniture should be all on the rug or all off the rug. Half on half off unless it’s a really slim pile rug doesn’t tend to work, as you feel unbalanced when sitting on the chair. If budget allows I would always go generous with rug size, especially if you are working with a large space. Off the shelf rugs tend to come in fairly standard sizes,  and to find the right size for you, you can use a light adhesive masking tape to set out the size of rug in the room to get a feel for it. Some rug companies such as have room visualizer apps that are also really helpful…