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Bringing the outside in. Within every interior we create we also consider the exterior and how it will interact. Borrowed views, bird feeders and layered planting can not only enhance a garden but also the internal home… We are real supporters of a #biophilic approach to design, our 3 key principles in doing so are

1✨ We can’t always control the amount of natural light coming into our homes and work spaces, but we can make the most of what we have. Arrange seating next to windows to get more sunlight while you’re indoors, and if you’re lucky enough to have good outdoor views, maximise them with sheer curtains and attention-grabbing plants. If you can minimising artificial elements in an interior and harmonising any artificial lighting (2700k lighting temperature is our goal). If you tie you colour temperature together it lends for a much more calming a restive scheme.

2✨ When it comes to choosing your colour schemes, try to use as naturally inpsired colour palette, full of greens and blues. Pictures of the natural world the next time you’re looking for a framed wall print. Look for shapes that mimic the natural world, too, like circular furniture or an asymmetrical lighting element.

3✨ Bringing as much greenery as we can into a space through a connection to the outdoors and the use of living plants indoors. As anyone with houseplants knows getting the right balance to keep them happy isn’t always straightforward! When I buy a plant I always talk to the garden centre staff to ask them for top tips and save the details in a small garden journal to try and best manage it’s water, sunlight, soil, and humidity needs. If it starts to look sad there are some great hacks out there online!


Do you like the concept of biophilic design? Are there any questions you have about it?

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