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I’m not sure about you, but 2023 really flew for me. One minute I was writing my New Year’s resolutions, and the next minute I realised I had been too busy to focus on any of them! Venturing in this year‘s Christmas festive season, I haven’t had as much time to prep as previously. But one thing I was conscious of this year was trying to decorate and gift with a more sustainable attitude. And with that I found myself on an unexpectedly nostalgic journey. So for what it is worth, here are my top five ways to decorate your home this Christmas with festive flare and an eye on using more natural decorations…

Top Tip One

Fruits and spices can add wow to any table setting… Tangerines pierced with cloves act as a beautiful addition to a green centre piece adding both colour and evocative scent, even the act of making them made me nostalgic, thinking of my mum, grandmother and Christmas’s past. Star anise is another top natural table decoration and perfect for this time of year!

Top Tip Two

It goes without saying sourcing locally supplied gifts and decorations can support our communities and reduce our carbon footprint. Our find of the season are these beautiful Bernie Murphy Donegal tweed stockings chic, timeless and elegant from mimiandmartha.

Top Tip Three

I am increasingly drawn to paper decorations these are my absolute favourite, bought last year from Sostrene, less likely to break and less likely to end up in landfill.

Top Tip Four

In the spirit of longevity but with a need for living things in my home I have been searching for ways to bring floristry into my home throughout the winter months – I am currently obsessed with branches these beauties are from  Apassionata and looking for colour inspired by my sister for this Christmas, I planted some hyacinths due to bloom at Christmas! I am looking forward to enjoying the sweet scent and natural centrepiece. You also can’t go wrong with Hydrangeas, starting to go over in the garden they have a beautiful aged look and work wonderfully as a Christmas centre piece.


Top Tip Five

Something old something new. I am always keen on buying vintage. This year on a hunt, I found an incredible dinnerware service in a local pre loved shop.  It also brings me a lot of joy that this storied service is getting a new lease of life! I also absolutely  love The Vintage List glassware for beautiful table dressing in a vintage style.


And above all Christmas is a time for making memories, I hope you all have a wonderful one!


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