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Arguably my favourite room in the house, the perfect place to get ready for the day or night or to relax and unwind in a deep bath after a long week. This week I will discuss getting the layout right and selecting the right sanitary ware (taps etc..) and finishes.

As with everything the first thing to do is plan your brief. What do you want to achieve with this space? what can you actually achieve with this space you have? are there any limitations – size/location? So while you may want a giant tub to soak in you may only be able to fit a small shower, so can you add a shelf seat and make the most of it! As always I recommend you start with creating a mood board – pulling pictures from pinterest and magazines. Decide on your direction- modern or classic and stick with it!! Once you have a direction, visit local showrooms.


Once you know what space you have to deal with you can select what you want in terms of amenities. Do you want a separate shower and bath, a shower over bath or a standalone shower. We are seeing a huge lean towards shower only bathrooms, with clients choosing extra large showers (often with 2 shower heads) rather than opting for a bath. (I still love baths and will always try to fit one!) Make a list of what is important to you. Check where the drainage is in your existing bathroom (it will be cheaper to work with this as existing if you are planning a refurbishment).


Choose your fittings and finishes in line with your moodboard and your bathroom really will start to come together. I personally prefer chrome as a finish as it will be easier to match to, is easy to clean and will age beautifully. Nickel or Antique brass finishes will add a glam factor but may not always be so hardwearing. For both bath and shower I always recommend a hand shower to easy cleaning and when you don’t want to get your hair wet. Some of my favourite brands are below:


Different light fittings will give you different moods for different times of the day! You will need adequate lighting around the mirror for makeup and getting ready, side lighting is best, using  warm LED or Halogen bulbs in IP rated fittings.

Put your lighting on a dimmer switch so in the evening you can change the mood when having a relaxed bath. As a nightlight have your wall lights on separate switches and leave one on.

If you are aiming for a hotel feel add a strip light to the bottom of the vanity unit for some extra style.


Always make sure you get a certified electrician when working on the lighting in your bathroom- electrics and water are a dangerous combination!


A beautiful bathroom can really add serenity to your life, and key to this is minimal clutter! My advise is to maximise storage where possible using under counter cupboards, shelving and drawers. Laundry and bottle storage you can never have enough of, so under sink storage where possible is a must, adding a small portable shelve unit gives a 5 star quality, whilst adding a ladder for extra towel storage will give you a hipster vibe. A good linen cupboard for towels and sheets is also advisable.


Ok these are the opposite of must haves and the ultimate nice to haves!! For me the quality of the shower experience is the most important thing! So a large shower head (8″ diameter is good!), body jets and for those looking to splurge is a steam function. Positioning the thermostat (on/off lever) away from the shower head enables you to get the water going without soaking your arm! If you have the space and an other half I also recommend investing in a double vanity – it gives you a real sense of glamour through symmetry.

Another wow addition is a roll top bath, seriously relaxing, it also provides a real focal point within the space. Image to the left shows a project that I worked on a few years ago in a fabulous Tudor renovation The large copper tub with the surround architecture gave the owners a real feeling of retreat in their own home!

Next time I will be talking about my top Ibiza interior finds, and how to create spaces that ensure delicious dining experiences.

Some of the photos above are from some of my own projects as well as the wonderful Royal York, and The George in Edinburgh which we recently refurbished with Goddard Littlefair.

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