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With the Sara Cosgrove Studio closed to the public and all our team busy working away from the safety of their homes, we’ve come up with some ideas that have been really effective in keeping everyone productive and happy as we navigate through these uncertain times. Below we’ve broken down some of our top tips for working from home…


  1. Daily Video Call

Checking in with your team to start your day will give you a sense of what everyone is up to. This way you can gauge the best times to schedule catch ups and conference calls etc. Planning the diary for the day and week ahead will keep your time as productive as possible.


  1. Nice Work Environment

Light a candle, have fresh cut flowers, pictures of the loved ones you’re missing nearby or keep the company of your beloved pet – Look after yourself by having an inviting working space that you’ll enjoy spending time in.


  1. Go the Extra Mile

There is an undeniable temptation to crawl out of bed in the morning when you’re working from home, however making an effort on your appearance has such a positive effect on your mood. So continue to give yourself time to get ready in the morning and take pride in your appearance!


  1. Keep a Routine

While we may not be in a position to visit our favourite coffee shop on our morning commute, be sure to keep your morning ritual going. Whether that’s grinding your coffee beans for your French press or diffusing tea in your favourite pot, the little things make all difference!


  1. Fresh Air & Exercise

Crucial to not going crazy cooped up indoors! Within the guidelines outlined by government, getting fresh air and exercise is crucial. Why not join a free online yoga class or go for an evening run after work.


  1. Stay Virtually Social

Keep involved in the What’s App chat, share funny anecdotes on your day – or even create a playlist on Spotify to share with the team to keep spirits high! Team interaction will be the saving grace of team morale until everyone’s in the office again.

Every Monday in our team meeting, we each share our latest design inspiration for the week. From a new supplier to interesting furniture, photography to books and podcasts. Sharing these amongst the team allows the creativity to flow and encourages team discussions!

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