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Sara shares her insight into home office chairs for this month as they join the conversation on creating comfortable yet functional spaces while working from home…

See below for Sara’s picks, and click the link here to read the article in full by Amanda Kavanagh of

“As living spaces become more multifaceted and multifunctional – morphing from our relaxation, work and workout spaces as the day goes by – we are always challenging ourselves to find pieces that can keep up. Jan Lennon‘s Exmoor chair is a perfect example of what we look for in a furniture piece; it’s sculptural, comfortable and sustainably-made. It ticks all the boxes.”

“My own work from home desk is a repurposed one I bought at The Store Yard. It cost around €500, upholstered and is part of a set of four. It is super comfortable and acts perfectly as a non desk ‘desk’ chair.”

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