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We are happy to introduce our new blog series; each month a member of our team will be delving into the world of sustainability within design and introducing you to various suppliers and techniques we are using in order to play our part in carving a more holistic approach to design…


Giving a new lease of life to quality furniture.

Our eco footprint has always been very important to us and it is at the forefront of our thinking for 2020. For the SCD team, it goes hand in hand with our values for timeless and considered interiors.

We love upcycling previously adored furniture. It is amazing to see the potential in an older chair or table and to see it transformed with a bit of TLC and a new way of thinking! It is also crucial to understand the value and significance of reusing items and not always buying new in our current climate.


Sara and Inga at a recent trip to The Store Yard


There are some wonderful places to source superb pieces of furniture that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. A walk through a vintage store or warehouse will take you through winding roads of pure imagination and endless possibilities. We’ve happily lost numerous hours sourcing in these treasure troves.

While we love sourcing these pieces, it is important they work with our schemes to ultimately enhance the quality and luxury of our projects…


Photography by Donal Murphy


We recently incorporated these fabulous chairs in one of the high-end apartments we worked on at Lansdowne Place. We reupholstered the cushions and got them polished so they’re as good as new. They add that something extra to really bring one area of a room to life in the grand scheme of the entire apartment.

Another wonderful element of sourcing vintage and antiques is that they add a level of depth to your interiors which you can’t always be guaranteed with when you source new. This is because you’ve got truly unique and one of a kind items when you upcycle, you can put your own stamp onto an item already rich in history and give it a new lease of life.

As we progress in 2020 as a brand and team, we want to ensure we’re doing as much as we can to lessen the ongoing development of Global warming. Upcycling furniture is a small element of this but it’s our thought process behind it that’s most important. As this is what can be applied throughout all elements of the design process, as well as on a personal/individual level.

Orla Shatwell

Studio Manager

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