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When it comes to discussing the latest design trends for this year, one things for sure, we don’t have crystal ball! In saying this we are seeing the direct impact of the last 12 months dramatic changes on our day to day lives translating directly into interiors. It is difficult to see at this stage which of these are trends and which are here to stay, it is most likely a mixture of both, welcome to 2021!

Rustic Revival

The revival of all things matte, naturally rustic and homely is my first major trend of this year and we are seeing a rejection of all things glossy and shiny as a result. In terms of colours, it’s all about the olive greens, deep blues, amber oranges, clotted creams and sandy yellows, hues harking back to a rustic natural world. Materials include jute rugs, rattan furniture and boucle style boiled wool fabrics. In tandem to this, the so called ‘cottagecore’ look that is more popular than ever.

By using textured, natural material wallpapers you can create a warm and inviting space effortlessly.


This brings me to the second trend of 2021 – Something I call layered textuality. Here we are seeing the mix of new and old in interiors and a trend towards layering and a move away from minimalism. It is the addition of throws and cushions, deep coloured paints and patterned wallpapers on the walls, rugs to living spaces and in general a lot more softness coming into
the interior zeitgeist. This may mean putting a vase that belonged to your granny, with a table you have found at an online auction or have repurposed from another room or space. It could also mean adding some prints to your walls or finally hanging those photo frames that you have been meaning to.

Have fun with your textures and colours by mixing and matching your cushions, throws and other soft furnishings.

Sustainable Styling

Onto design trend 3 for 2021 which is the increasing desire for a more sustainable style. Whilst the news of the pandemic is still front and centre, we all know in the back of our minds that the climate crisis is becoming critical, and while we cannot move mountains, every decision we make can impact the environment in a negative or positive way. We can see the need for transparency when we purchase items for our homes is gathering huge momentum. If you are undertaking a project in 2021 it’s about taking the time to do the homework. If you are painting your walls, it may be using paint with low or no voc gases or when looking for new furniture, up cycling or using vintage furniture to furnish our homes rather than automatically buying new.

We love to furnish our projects with antiques, adding a one of a kind value to every scheme while continuing the lifecycle of well made furniture.

Nature venturing indoors

This connection between nature and ourselves leads us to trend number four, this is the influence of the outdoor on the indoor which includes the continued popularity of the biophilic trend. As we spend more time at home than ever, we are looking at the space that we have available. Whether it be a small balcony, patio or a garden outside we’re thinking about how we can maximise this for the most enjoyment for ourselves, our flatmates or our families. Adding a few pots and bringing the green in and the furniture out is a real trend for 2021. The intersection of the indoor and the outdoor and maximising both.

Large potted plants are a great way to brighten up a corner and add a bit of life to your space.

The Nook

As we talk about maximising space this brings me on to my fifth and final trend, the emergence of the undervalued nook! With home-schooling and co -working and all it entails; we have started to look at using spaces within our home in a completely new way. Whether it is to do some remote work or to read quietly away from the TV/phone/family etc. these mini retreat spaces have come into their own – be it a landing or attic space or an unused corner of a guest bedroom. A small shelf with a desk light, or an armchair, side table and reading lamp is all you need. A little creativity can turn small nooks into multifunctional spaces. A place of quiet retreat in these chaotic days has never been so welcome.

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