Sheer Luxe on Bouclé

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Sara recently featured on Sheer Luxe discussing the Bouclé trend. Read all about it below or through the link here.



Why It’s A Trend

Catapulted into the fashion mainstream by Coco Chanel, bouclé is increasingly becoming the fabric of choice for interiors designers and manufacturers. Perhaps it’s our collective desire to feel comforted and cocooned this year, or the way the fabric effortlessly combines warmth with texture, but bouclé furniture is suddenly everywhere, and looks especially good when used to cover organic shaped pieces. Made from a curled or ringed yarn – most commonly wool – it’s also possible to use cotton or silk to mimic the technique and when it’s combined with linen, it almost takes on a fur-like quality.

Interior designer Sara Cosgrove is a big fan. “The use of bouclé has seen a huge revival of late. We love the warmth and character it adds to an interior, and often use it in a range of ways – such as with trims, upholstery and in small design details. In my opinion, it looks best in bedroom schemes, where the softness of the fabric can be used in myriad ways.”

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