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The SCS team had the absolute honor of working on a truly unique project; the Skyview Penthouse, Dublin. The property is situated above the beautiful residential area of Dublin 4; offering a bustling and vivacious landscape in which excitement is present in the day to day.

We had a distinct brief in place when carrying out this project; the client wanted a fusion of the contemporary and the timeless. The result is a truly bespoke home which envelopes and showcases aspects of masculine style infused with some softer notes. Timeless jewel toned accent colours are used in the home, which contrasts exceptionally with the lighter walls and darker furniture and wood floor, creating a bridge between the two. Each room also has its own distinct style and energy, with the homeowners personality on full display. The property was photographed for us by the eminent interiors photographer Helen Cathcart.


Entrance Hall: The entrance to the Penthouse establishes the tone immediately. The rich warmth exuded by the features makes any guest feel at ease, whilst also alluding to the spectacular grandeur to follow.


Kitchen/Dining Room: This room is the focal point of this home. It is bursting with personality, showcasing some of the homeowners favorite art pieces and reading material. Blue is a dominant force within the room without being too overpowering. This is a room made for entertaining in.


Study Room: A room that exudes warmth and peace, it is an oasis away from the hectic city outside of the walls. It again is very personal to the homeowner, containing many personal pieces. There is a red leather armchair for relaxing an ideal spot for a good read, and the olive green pallet is inspired by the automotive world.

Master Bedroom: Carrying over the blue scheme from the Kitchen/Dining area, the Master Bedroom showcases tranquility and elegance. The statement light fitting is a true highlight. The room is ideal for a lazy Sunday Morning.

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