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Sara Cosgrove Studio


Welcome to week 2 of  #studioinsights – this week it’s all about what we are seeing and doing as we work with our clients to create truly unique kitchens. We also add with three colour palette combinations at the end that could hopefully give you some inspiration if you are working on your own kitchen project or refresh.

1 # The Streamlined Approach

We see kitchen design becoming more and more streamlined from integrating extract fans in our cooking hobs, to hot water taps and the ongoing (and increasing!) popularity of pantry rooms and cupboards. The prevalence of open plan interiors means we all want a kitchen that’s easy to put shape on! 

Sara Cosgrove Studio    Sara Cosgrove Studio

2# Let there be light

Getting the most from your kitchen means getting the lighting right. A good lighting set out for a kitchen will mean it works to its best season to season and day to night. A combination of solid ambient (main source of light) task (gives you focused light and removes shadow)and decorative(creates the ambience) lighting positioned in the right places is critical! In terms of some new ideas that we are incorporating into some of our latest designs try the below

  • Over Upper Cupboards LED Strips: Placed between the cabinet and ceiling, overcabinet lights add a very contemporary feel. Created with fixed components or add-on lights similar to undercabinet lighting, overcabinet lighting can provide even illumination to your finishes and architecture.
  • Recessed/Hidden Lights: This type of refined, out-of-the-way lighting can go anywhere, but it’s particularly useful for illuminating areas of visual interest like open shelves and glass cabinets.
  • Skirting Lights: A great way to add wow to an evening time kitchen setting and to illuminate a pathway.

Sara Cosgrove Studio    Sara Cosgrove Studio

3# Magical Materiality

When choosing your kitchen materials – ease of cleaning and practicality are essential however for those of you who love natural materials, such as marble, you can make them work as long as you know they will show life the kitchen has lived and will need ongoing maintenance! When it comes to the finish of the cabinets hand painted will show more wear but can be easily repaired by a specialist painter, a sprayed finish will be harder wearing but harder to repair if it does get damaged!

Sara Cosgrove Studio

Sara Cosgrove Studio


Scheme 1 Finishes:

Sara Cosgrove Studio

Upper and Tall Cabinets: Paint Portland Stone @littlegreenepaintcompany 

Island: Paint China Blue @littlegreenepaintcompany

Countertop & Splash-back: Lagoon Suede composite stone @costentino

Internals: Pale Oak

Hardware: Antique Brass


Scheme 2 Finishes:

Sara Cosgrove Studio
Sara Cosgrove Studio

Upper and Tall Cabinets: Pantone Infinity 17-405 @

Island: Pantone Infinity 17-405 @fleetwood_paints 

Countertop: Pearl Jasmine composite stone 

Splash-back: Marble Bianco Egeo

Internals: Smoked Grey Oak

Hardware: Bronze/Chocolate 


Scheme 3 Finishes:

Sara Cosgrove Studio

Upper and Tall Cabinets: Oval Room Green @farrowandball 

Island: Earthy Orange @fleetwood_paints 

Countertop & Splash-back: Belluna composite stone

Internals: White 

Hardware: Chrome / Polished Nickel

Hope you have enjoyed our kitchen design how to!

Any questions pop them in the comments below 

See you next Monday! 


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