The Sunday Times ‘RTE HOTY host gives boutique finish to nine-luxury apartments in Malahide’

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Speaking with Gráinne Rothery from The Sunday Times , Sara speaks of our most recently completed project The Tides, Malahide.

“This year has been so intense but as a team we’re thrilled with how it’s gone,” she says. “We’ve been really busy and then Home of the Year on top of it all adds an interesting twist on things. Now we’re looking forward to next year and having a lot of those delayed projects finished and a bit of a fresh start.”

“It’s been four years since we first started talking to the client and it’s been a labour of love,” she says.

 That client was particularly interested in Cosgrove’s hotels background, which includes a three-year stint as design director at the Starwood Capital-owned Principal Hotel Company.

“They wanted to create something of a hybrid of boutique hotel and apartment. So it has a very hotel-led vibe. We wanted to create a distinctive, unique look; one that reflects the incredible location — it has almost direct access to the beach; and then bring in a bespoke touch.”

The intention was to keep the overall palette light, bright and fresh and to maximise natural light. “We wanted to bring some details in but to have a very unfussy feel. In the kitchen design we did with Nolan Kitchens, we have a twist on the Shaker-style door with the integrated handle. When you have more compact spaces, leaving things off is better than adding things on,” Cosgrove says.


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