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Last week we spoke of bold colours, bathrooms and beyond. This week we have three wonderful questions this week. We open our inbox every Friday and welcome your burning questions. Each week Sara will be answering three of your interior dilemmas.

Question 1 | Curtains or Blinds?

So it is quite simple. For me, it’s all about blackout in a bedroom and curtains are the best way to achieve that. Blackout is less important in a living area so blinds are absolutely fine. Curtains tend to be more traditional, blinds tend to be more contemporary. Check out my blog on how to achieve the best window treatments for you room!

Question 2 | How to style a sitting room with an awkward door?

The first thing is I’d choose another focal point to take your attention away from the door. Then I’d look at your seating arrangement 2 sofas or a traditional setup may not work. A couple of armchairs, a couple of poufs might break it up better. . Sometimes in rooms with an awkward door you might have to sacrifice some furniture items to ensure good circulation – so perhaps the coffee table has to go but as long as you have some side tables you will still be able to get the room to work. If the room is feeling cramped you can expand the room by painting: A rectangular-shaped living room can be visually widened by painting the two side walls a bit darker than the other two walls. If you want to have a TV in this space and this is the main focus of the room work your seating around this even if it isn’t ideal, if the sofa location is setting the room off balance offset this with an accent chair… these spaces are never easy so you might have to play with a few layouts to get the perfect one!

Question 3 | Types of panelling?

Well, I could write a book about panelling. It’s sure a relatively inexpensive way to elevate an interior and there are so many variations to play with. From a simple contemporary square edge mdf chair rail in an entrance hall to full on French style wall to wall moulded detailing you will be able to find a style that works for you. If you are planning to get the most bang for your buck, use it where you will get most enjoyment from it. So for example, shiplap panelling in a hallway can really add impact to your arrival in a new build home or a feature wall in the main bedroom painted in a dark colour. I have a great pinterest board called ‘Panelling’ and you should be able to have lots of inspiration and choose the style right for you.

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