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Question 1 | Accent colours for a navy and grey colour scheme that is not mustard?

Well, it’s a great base scheme so there are lots of options here. You could go light maybe use sage green, bright orange or lilac were doing a lot of that at the moment, this will add a playful feel and has a contemporary edge.

If your scheme has more classic feel or you want to create a moodier feel rust, or burgundy work beautifully with navy and greys.

Question 2 | How to maximise a dark kitchen?

It’s not necessarily about just going white but definitely going for the lightest tones of the colours that you love is a really good start, especially when it comes to countertops and upper cabinets. I would also add some reflective surfaces, stainless steel or mirror something that’s going to maximise whatever bit of light you do get. In a basement apartment we did in Notting hill we added mirrored splash backs – they added wow and increased the light! The lighting scheme for this room can also not be underestimated… layers of light will really maximise a dark space. So an LED strip under your kitchen cabinets for task lighting, some thoughtfully placed directional down lights will created pools of light, plus a pendant or too, picture lights and wall lights will boost the light levels the mood too.

Question 3 | I’m getting new curtains how can I make them interesting but not old fashioned?

For me, the big trick here is to add a trim. So on the edges of the curtain, so the edge that you close by adding a trim, a nice thick band, a braid, or a bobble, or all three! Trims can sometimes be considered old fashioned but brands like Samuel and Sons, Schumacher and Salamander have taken them in a very modern and dynamic direction.

You can also get playful with the fabric itself – after you choose your main curtain fabric you can add a chunky board to the bottom or leading edge in a complementary fabric (in a different colour or with a wow pattern).

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