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2022 Update!


Last year I hosted a fun Three on a Thursday with the fabulous designer Katherine Pooley, we discussed our mutual love for cleaning and decluttering. When we go through times of stress and external disorder there is nothing like a good spring clean to clear ones head and reset our mindset. The cup of tea afterward is also pretty good!

So the decorations are down and the rooms are feeling bare, but more spacious than you remember, it’s a perfect time to undertake that spring clean!

Here are some handy hints to get going….

All Spaces

Dust ceiling corners and light fixtures – I love getting out my feather duster!

Wipe down and vaccum skirting boards

Dust above door architraves and windows

Dust corners for cobwebs

Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches.

For those with unruly bookshelves, match up all the spine colours and colour code your books – it is a massive Instagram fad but strangely satisfying!

And for display shelves in general create a collection of items or try to organise by theme or colour it will give your room a curated feel in no time!

I love the garden and in these chilly months when I can’t get outside as much I always advocate bringing the green indoors. House plants really lift the spirit, low maintenance options such as aloes, peace lilies and asparagus fern (my fave!! I have 2 that have survived for over 2 years now which I am immensely proud of!!) bring the outside inside. In addition to this indoor plants give a  connection to nature during your working day if you are based at home.

Hang those pieces of art or mirrors you have being meeting to! If you are renting the 3M Command strips are great…

Test batteries in all your smoke detectors.

Clean window sills and window tracks.

Vacuum curtains and window blinds (make sure to set the lowest power setting on vacuum to avoid pulling the fabric!)


Give your carpets a good clean and hoover

Open all the windows and air your spaces out

Put your clothes through the 4 seasons challenge – ask yourself, have you worn the item in the last 4 seasons?  If not and you really cannot see yourself in it again its best to remove from your wardrobe and donate.

Equally reheeling those shoes that you have been meaning to or dry cleaning that dress or jacket will really give you the feels.



Loose the empties – any products that have only a squeeze left, rinse out and recycle

Clear you drains, baking soda is great for this – in fact, it is a great way to give your bathroom a deep clean

For shower screens vinegar is a great glass cleaner – mix one part vinegar with three parts water

Do a deep clean of tiles, shower trays and baths.

Invest in a couple of fresh new towels, a paraffin free scented candle and a potted plant to refresh your space

**Please note to avoid using vinegar or baking soda on natural stone (limestone/marble/travertine) and other precious finishes…

With so much out of our control at the moment, its amazing about what putting a little order in your home can do! I hope you enjoy the #declutter and #designtips above.


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