A Thought on Design Trends

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I often get asked about my thoughts on the latest design trends and to be honest as a company we try to avoid them. Trends can date quickly, and we try to be conscious of sustainability in design in all of our projects. None of us can avoid the environmental impact of what we do. And I think we all have decisions to make when we’re doing our homes. It’s about choosing a paint that is less toxic to the environment and if it’s a less toxic for the environment, it’s less toxic for us as humans.

Mindful consumption is a main focus for us this year and this can be easily worked into many design projects. Before you go and buy something new, is there something vintage that could be upcycled? Online marketplaces are amazing in terms of going online or using the search bar on instagram to find some cool new vintage places. It’s just to pause, it’s to think about the circular economy before you start to buy something brand new.

For me in 2023  it’s less about design trends, more about societal trends becoming more and more important in terms of interiors.

Some of my favourite places for vintage finds

The Vintage Hub

The Townhouse Westport

Gaiety Antiques

Joy Thorpe

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The Store Yard

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