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Sara’s most recent column in the Business Post details the relationship between fashion and interiors, here is the link which will bring you to the article on their website.

The inspiring interplay between fashion and interior design has always been a passion. Both are a means to express our personalities freely; both allow for the individual to stand apart from others and display their own personality.

Whether it is the perfect scarf or sofa, the right statement dress or piece of art, finding a look that resonates with you as an individual is a significant aspect of existing today, especially in the world where we share so much more of our lives with others online.


Chanel at La Pausa and Today as it stands


Traditionally, fashion trends took several seasons before they began to appear in the world of interiors. However changes in how we view and present ourselves, along with the use of trend forecasting, has meant that the process has sped up in the past few years. The more relaxed, flowing vibe in today’s world of fashion is being reflected in current interior styles in the guise of rounded forms, a return to natural materials and in the generous use of earthy tones.

My initial introduction to the crossover worlds of fashion and interiors began in my teenage years, when I became obsessed with the style, literature and architecture of the art deco era. What captured me was the complete universe the style created.

Every element of the period was reflected in a distinct aesthetic, from the design of an automobile, to a tea pot, a lipstick case or a handbag. Gowns emulated the sleek drapery style, while the drapery had all the sinuous lines of the elegant dresses the Hollywood starlets wore. I used to pore over Patricia Bayer’s book Art Deco Interiors, sketching dresses and interiors devoted to this inspiration-rich era.

Designers such as the late Yves Saint Laurent at his home in the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, or Coco Chanel in her Riviera villa, La Pausa, have used their interiors to reflect their vision of style for decades. but it wasn’t until the 1980s that the two worlds of interiors and fashion became accessible to the mainstream.

Ralph Lauren with his Furniture and Fabric line was at the vanguard. This interweaving has continued to evolve and become ever more accessible as we enjoy the era of collaboration. You can see designers translating couture techniques and details into upholstery and wallpaper.


Ralph Lauren Home Collection


Brands such as Gucci have released an edited homeware collection including statement wall coverings. The Spanish brand Loewe’s in-house parfumier Nuria Cruelles has just put together a new home scents collection, which is inspired by 11 plant essences.

Another inspiring collaboration is between Clio Peppiatt, a London-based womenswear designer, and the Firmdale hotel group. Together they created the two-bedroom Terrace Suite in the Soho Hotel, which shows what fun can be had by mixing it up. Peppiatt’s incredible tapestry headboards alone are to die for.


Firmdales Soho Hotel Terrace Suite


Closer to home, Paul Costello’s fashion style has brought flair to his Living homeware brand collaboration at Dunnes Stores, while the wonderful Aoife Mullane has transformed her textile business adding some stunning fashion accessories to her brand, complementing her thriving interior furnishings business.

It is worth noting that for all the likeness between fashion and interiors, there are differences. Fashion trends can be fleeting: today’s flare is tomorrow’s straight leg, if you will. So how do you bring current vibes into an interior without wanting to change it three months later? I always advise to go classic with your major pieces and layer in current styles through easily changed or recycled items – cushions, throws, art and accessories.

If you want to experiment with this season’s colour, paint a wall or add some prints to a bare wall, you can make a bold statement with the option to swap it out or paint over it later.

Layering is just as important in the home as in fashion. By layering your room you will create interest and depth in your interior. Adding a wall covering and a great rug will transform a space, just as adding a bright coloured lipstick and chunky necklace will transform an outfit.

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