Revitalising your Home

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After spending so much time at home recently, we think now is as good a time as any to take a second look and see what can be done to inject some simple new touches. We’ve highlighted only a handful of the many ways you facilitate a renaissance within your home. 


No matter the area of your home, freshly cut flowers will give it a lift. It’s always good to have a collection of vases in different sizes and shapes to suit a variety of flowers. However we’ve got creative during quarantine and found that using interesting glasses or jugs that primarily take up space in the cupboard act as a perfect holder for your seasonal bunches.  


Nothing will replenish a room more quickly than moving the furniture about. Yes there will always be certain foundational elements that cannot be budged but there is something to be said for swapping the armchairs, restyling the coffee table and moving the potted plants. Keep your space as a place of retreat and a true reflection of your personality. Truly great interiors is considered and reflective of the functionality of the space.


If you find you do have some paint lying about the house, now is a better time than any to do touch ups. You would be surprised what a fresh lick of paint on the wall, ceiling or even skirtings can do to a room. It can transform a dull, neglected space and inject a new appreciation to inspire you to envision the room differently.


Refreshing your shelving display is a fab way to create interest and drama to an interior. Here’s an example of a monochrome scheme where sticking to two tones can make a real visual impact.


Whether it’s that drawer in the kitchen, the linen cupboard or the kid’s wardrobes… we’ve been gifted time to finally get round to clearing out the home. Getting organised will greatly benefit your head space while being at home and enables you to have a fresh outlook on your space.



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