Interior Design Today – 1 – Beginnings

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Begin at the beginning…

In this modern day having a space to create can be one of the most daunting & exciting experiences in your life. Whether it is styling your rented living room, which has existing furniture, decorating your first home, or rethinking a tired room, there is an opportunity to bring balance, colour, serenity or fun into your life depending on what you want to achieve. Walking into balanced interior – one that just ‘feels right’ & ‘comes together’ day after day enhances your wellbeing. This blog will help you to do this. I will issue weekly posts which will take you through the steps of building a wonderful personal interior. You can start at the beginning or dip in from time to time, if you want to simply refresh your space or update a pair of curtains. Next week I will talk about SPACE and how to create or reimagine your ideal interior… if you have any questions drop me a line on the contact page or leave a comment below and I will endeavour to answer as part of this series on interior design today…

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